6th March, 2018


The minutes of January 29th were adopted, proposed by Labhrás White and seconded by John O’Sullivan.


Matters Arising:-


  1. The Principal clarified that in the event of oversubscription for Construction Studies in Transition Year, preference is given to students who have studied Woodwork in Junior Cycle. The Board agreed that parents should be made aware of this when students are in First Year.




The Board dealt with a number of items of Correspondence:


Board of Management 3 Year Plan


The Chair suggested that the Board work on the 3 Year Plan over the next four meetings.  The Board agreed that one aspect of the Plan would focus on Teaching and Learning.  The Board will seek to achieve and put into practice the Domains and Standards as outlined in Looking at our School 2016.  The school should aspire to highly effective practice and this will inform discussions of the Board.


Child Protection


The Board noted the Oversight Report.  There were no concerns.


Teaching and Learning


Analysis of Junior and Leaving Certificate Results


The Board noted the analysis for each subject department.  It was noted that


  • Results in 13 out of 18 subjects at Junior Cycle were above the national average.
  • Results in 10 out of 13 subjects at Leaving Certificate Level were above the national average.
  • The uptake at Higher Level at both Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate level was also above the national average in the majority of subjects.


The Board complimented staff on the excellent achievement across subject departments and asked that teachers use the analysis to plan for improvement.


Geography Inspection


The Board discussed the report and the recommendations therein.  It was noted that the quality of teaching and learning was good to very good.  The Board asked that the Principal and the Geography teachers meet to consider the report and its recommendations and to plan for improvement. A Recommendations Implementation Plan should be prepared and include dates by which progress will be made.  The Plan will be presented to the Board.




The Principal reported that there had been no bullying issues since the last meeting.  The Bullying Survey conducted in December did not reveal any serious issues.


Update on Building Project


Fire Upgrade, Monastery Building

The works are progressing well.  The contractor expects to be finished work by March 30th.


New Build

The Project Managers are currently progressing the design for the school building and would hope to be in a position to schedule site surveys for the end of this month.  The DES has advised that the completion date for the project is 2019/20.



The DES will extend the storage rental for lockers until June 2019.


Principal’s Report


Parents’ Meetings

  • Monday, March 5th TY Parent Teacher Meeting.


Student Council

The Student Council is:

  • Working on the Green Flag Project. The specific focus is biodiversity.


Parents’ Association

There was a meeting of the Parents’ Association on Monday, March 5th.  The Principal:

  • Reported on current events and activities.
  • Provided an update on Building Projects.
  • Consulted parents on the Critical Incident Management Plan and Assessment Policy Review.
  • Discussed Annual Golf Classic and Clothing Collection.

Extra-Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities

The relevant Consent Forms were signed by parents for all trips.


Transition Year

February 7th: Manual Handling Training

February 22nd:  Launch of Transition Year YSI Project.  The focus of the project was the promotion of the use of the eircode.  The class designed and distributed stickers and worked with local ambulance personnel.  The National Ambulance Service and Eircode were represented at the launch.

February 26th:  School Bank Presentation.


Special Classes:

February 1st:  Resource 1: Horse Riding in Liskennet.

February 1st:  Naomh Eanna and Cuan horse riding in Liskennet.

Health Week, Feb 29 – Friday 2nd:  Various events / talks/ guest speakers were arranged for different class groups during the week.




Second Years:  Progressing well in the l League and will qualify for the play offs.

First Years:  Have won one game and lost one game.


U14:  The team has qualified for the quarter final of the Cork Colleges.

U15:  Defeated by Doon in the first round of the Munster Colleges.


U14:  The team has qualified for the quarter final of the Cork Colleges.


First Years:  Progressing very well.  They have won all their matches in the Cork Colleges and Munster Colleges.

Sean Dennehy in Third Year recently won an all-Ireland with the Cork U16 Schoolboys Team.


Principal’s Business


Enrolment 2018-19

Total number on waiting list is now 9.

The Entrance Assessment for First Years 2018/19 was held on Saturday, February 3rd.  All Students offered places attended.


Posts of Responsibility Review

The review has commenced.


The Board discussed a number of issues relating to plant.

Allocations 2018/19

The school is entitled to a total allocation of 43.99 teachers comprising 33.19 permanent teachers and 10.80 part-time teachers.  The school will be due 2 teachers on projected enrolment.


There has been 1 suspension since the last Board meeting for setting off the fire alarm and persistent breaches of the Code of Discipline.


School Development Planning

Staff is currently reviewing the following:

  • Child Safeguarding and Risk Assessment Policy
  • Critical Incident Management Plan
  • The Pastoral Care Team is reviewing the Guidance Plan.
  • Work has commenced on the ELearning Plan.


Continuous Professional Development

Staff attended in service on:

  • Special Needs
  • Junior Cycle RSE




Board noted that:

  • The annual Church Gate Collection is on March 24th and 25th.
  • Some Transition Year students are involved in a drama (Shadow of a Gunman) production with students from St. Marys. There is a performance in the Amelian Theatre on March 12th and 13th.

Next Meeting:   To be decided